Rachel Bouman strives to stay healthy through maintaining a steady fitness schedule alongside her work obligations. She is currently training for a 10K race and tries to run at least three times per week. The 10K is about 6.2 miles and double the length of the commonly mentioned 5K race. Weight lifting is also a part of her routine. She is adamant about this lifestyle as a way to avoid past health issues.

At a young age, Rachel’s parents enrolled her in sports, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and gymnastics. While in high school, she got a chance to play varsity basketball with her sister on the same team. Her sister was a point guard and Rachel was a center. The point guard is a leader in the team’s offensive strategies, while the center is the last line of defense near the basket. Rachel Bouman played basketball with her sister through her junior year of high school.

When not on the court, Rachel swam competitively. Her involvement lasted from a young age all the way through high school. She has won many awards and ribbons through her participation in the breaststroke and IM, or individual medley. The breaststroke consists of pushing the arms forward and sweeping them back. This motion happens in a circular sequence. The legs then alternate between being tucked in and kicked out. The individual medley is a combination of four swimming styles in one race. The four styles included here are the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle.

Rachel Bouman successfully keeps fitness a priority among her other responsibilities. As a mother, she is also concerned with the nutrition of her family and often spends time cooking. However, as a law professional, she plans ahead and cooks on the weekends to reduce time spent during the week. Another hobby of Rachel’s includes traveling. San Francisco is her favorite city to date.