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4 Female Youtubers in Fitness

runner-rachel boumanYoutube has become a platform for viewers to learn almost anything. Many people also use it as a source to follow for exercise. One can find weight lifting tips as well as full yoga and pilates routines. Learn more about several female Youtubers dedicated to fitness!


Cassey Ho, a certified fitness instructor shares pilates based workouts on her Youtube channel. Her music is uptempo and her exercises are known to be high intensity. She even has short five minute videos designed to target certain areas such as the abs or arms. Cassey’s channel has over 2 million subscribers.


A pair of fitness industry instructors from Oklahoma came together to create dance workout videos for Youtube. Their content includes footage from actual classes taught in their area. One of their most watched videos was a choreographed routine to a Lil Jon song.

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler comes from a background in acting and movement teaching. She hails from Austin, Texas and gives a variety of instructional videos for different circumstances. Mishler shows her audience of over 700,000 subscribers how to do yoga at their desks and how to do yoga for headaches. For a month of yoga, she has a 30 day series of various techniques available on her channel.

Sarah Fit

As both a lifestyle blogger and fitness instructor, Sarah exhibits a passion for helping others live healthier. In addition to exercise videos, she shares recipes and eating suggestions on her channel. Her routines don’t require the purchase of any equipment to follow along. Sarah has over 200,000 subscribers.

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Fitness As Religion | One Family’s Story

Fitness replaces religion in one particular family. A background in Catholicism has morphed into a devotion to nutrition and exercise. Among the family, one married couple is vegan and another cousin is a health coach and Paleo chef. This is the lifestyle of Lauren Napolitano’s family. She is a licensed psychologists and fitness writer who takes her physical activity seriously.

The family members consistently work to hold each other accountable in terms of overall health. Gatherings are a source of many of these conversations because a suitable food selection needs to be made for everyone. Often, several people disagree on what to eat. One may eat meat but refuses pasta, while another must have kale, as long as there is no butter in it. Additionally, making the decision to eat dessert may result in a group run come morning time.

Like on CNN’s “Crossfire”, this family will tend to debate health and fitness issues instead of religion. Instead of celebrating Hannukah like some families, they prefer to use the holidays as a time to talk safe deadlifts and the components of dairy. It begins nicely and progresses into an intense and assertive discussion. They challenge each other’s opinions and sometimes end up over-talking the other.

Religion is a set of beliefs that are accompanied by ritual practices. A belief in God may be essential to some family members but the overarching theme for this family includes finding comfort in the world. Important aspects of life include safe exercise and healthy foods such as organic kale. Whether there is room for dessert in this type of lifestyle is also up for debate.

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FBI Agents to Take Fitness Test

seal-rachel boumanFBI agents are now required to take a fitness test. This will be the first time in 16 years. In order to protect the country appropriately, physical ability is key. Threats are present all over including those both criminal and terrorist related.

The requirement dates back to the days of J. Edgar Hoover. He implemented fitness requirements to combat obesity and other concerns related to being overweight or out of shape. More recently, the FBI director, James B. Comey, released a memo stating that the lives of others may rely on the physical agility of the agent. He went on to say that the most special agents will be able to run, shoot, and fight regardless of the role they hold. This information was first reported by the New York Times. In the times before September 11, 2001, FBI agents were much more active out in the field. However, that date in time created a shift. A greater need for defenses against terrorism became present after that significant date in history. Counterterrorism consists of more office based tasks. Nonetheless, sitting for extended periods of time leads to greater health risks. Today, many FBI agents are overweight and suffering from depression.

Beginning in October, the 13,500 FBI agents working all over the world must take the fitness test. Some feel prepared to take it now while others are looking to utilize the next few months to train. The scores of the fitness exam will make an appearance on each agent’s annual performance review.

The elements of the test include completing continuous sit-ups and pushups in addition to sprints and a 1.5 mile run. The time between these challenges will only be five minutes. The exact requirements will be dependent upon age and gender.

5 Ways to Make Fitness Fun!

Exercise can be fun! However, people have different views on working out. Some may feel like it’s dreary while others thoroughly enjoy it. However you may feel about exercising, there are a few tips you can follow to make it a fun part of your routine.

girl-rachel boumanGet Outdoors

You don’t have to be running to get some fitness into your day. Yard work outside of the house can be a great workout. Shoveling snow and mowing the lawn are a few activities that fall into this category. Just be mindful of operating equipment and lifting objects, as you want to avoid injury.

Try Listening to Music

Music is a motivator for many people. It can also help you to relax during a strenuous activity. To make the exercise even more enjoyable, try adjusting your pace to match the rhythm of the music.

Add Variety

Incorporate change into your workout routine. Switch between cardio and other forms of exercise such as weight training. Go the extra mile to explore the differences between low impact and high impact combinations.

Bring Your Pet Along

Dogs are especially great workout partners and the experience will be mutually beneficial. You will be doing something positive for the health of your pet and yourself. Besides sharing a positive health benefitting experience with your pet, you can also share some amusing moments. Dogs are known to be entertaining at times and are a great at keeping you motivated.

Workout at Home

Gym memberships can be pricey. The good news is that there are many options for working out right at home. Try to get a hold of some workout DVDs that you can follow. Look to your staircase for a tool for cardio. Even make some homemade weights with water bottles or orange juice containers.

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