yoga-774243_1280These days, there’s always some new hip way to stay fit. One month it’s SoulCycle, another month it’s bikram yoga, and another it’s The Bar Method. These classes can be wildly expensive though, and the average person may feel left out of all these new exercise trends. Thankfully, there are free, wacky fitness classes popping up in major cities all over the United States. If you’re not located in these cities, don’t fret; there are great, cheap alternatives to the standard exercise routines as well.

Fun & Free In DC

1. North Face Mountain Training (DC)Offered by the athletic-wear company North Face, this free training program takes place in the District of Columbia. The classes aims to prep you for your own climbing, skiing, or running trips. Each class is taught by trainers from the North Face company.

2. Nike Training ClubGet clad in your finest Nike workout clothes and join the party. This class feels more like going to the club than going to the gym, so if that appeals to you, this is the free class for you.

3. Yogalates and Pilates in the Park – Stretch and get that good aching feeling in your muscles twice a week at The Golden Triangle’s classes in Farragut Square. Held on Tuesdays and Thursdays right after work (5:30pm), they’re the perfect way to get a little workout in before heading home.


Health Hacks (Alternatives to the Exercise “Norms”)

1. Take Quarterly Private Yoga Classes Instead of Regular Classes – Instead of paying the average $19 a class, invest in quarterly private sessions that run for about $120 a session. These private sessions give you personalized instruction and a take home kit tailored specifically to you.

2. Use Online Personal Training Instead of In-Person Trainers – Online companies offer exercise and nutrition packages that can be designed expressly for you. They are available for any fitness level and gives you access to an entire online community.

3. Buy Resistance Bands Instead of Free Weights – The bands are a great, portable alternative to free weights. They usually retail for an average of $40 for three different resistances vs the hundreds of dollars that a set of free weights usually cost.


For a list of more free classes in DC and other fitness-on-a-budget tips, click here and here.