runner-rachel boumanYoutube has become a platform for viewers to learn almost anything. Many people also use it as a source to follow for exercise. One can find weight lifting tips as well as full yoga and pilates routines. Learn more about several female Youtubers dedicated to fitness!


Cassey Ho, a certified fitness instructor shares pilates based workouts on her Youtube channel. Her music is uptempo and her exercises are known to be high intensity. She even has short five minute videos designed to target certain areas such as the abs or arms. Cassey’s channel has over 2 million subscribers.


A pair of fitness industry instructors from Oklahoma came together to create dance workout videos for Youtube. Their content includes footage from actual classes taught in their area. One of their most watched videos was a choreographed routine to a Lil Jon song.

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler comes from a background in acting and movement teaching. She hails from Austin, Texas and gives a variety of instructional videos for different circumstances. Mishler shows her audience of over 700,000 subscribers how to do yoga at their desks and how to do yoga for headaches. For a month of yoga, she has a 30 day series of various techniques available on her channel.

Sarah Fit

As both a lifestyle blogger and fitness instructor, Sarah exhibits a passion for helping others live healthier. In addition to exercise videos, she shares recipes and eating suggestions on her channel. Her routines don’t require the purchase of any equipment to follow along. Sarah has over 200,000 subscribers.

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